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Edward Rogers

Edward Rogers

BSc, PGCE, DipHyp, NLP Prac, GQHP, GHReg (MHS)

Making sure that all patients feel safe and cared for is paramount in all areas of the medical field especially in the field of dentistry. Making sure that patients attend for regular check-ups, receive the right treatment for the issues they may be experiencing and are taught how to maintain good oral hygiene is incredibly important.

Patients that struggle with anxieties may frequently cancel appointments, delay treatments leading to further deterioration or they may not attend altogether. 

Hypnotherapy can be extremely effective in helping patients overcome a range of issues that can lead to poor oral health as well as assisting dentists in making sure that procedures go as smoothly as possible.

Edward is a highly skilled Clinical Hypnotherapist who specialises in Dental Hypnosis as well as helping patients overcome anxiety and addictions. Having trained in hypnotherapy as a result of receiving hypnosis in the past, Edward now works to help empower others to make lasting change.

Edward has conducted several sessions within dental practices during procedures (including during a tooth extraction and taking an impression for dentures) and regularly works with dental practices to help patients overcome their issues.

If you are interested in learning more or wish to find out how Edward can help you overcome your issue then call us on 01782 844696 or email [email protected]

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