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Five advantages of implants by Campbell Dental Practice

Regardless of your age, tooth loss can have a devastating impact on your wellbeing.

You may avoid smiling in photos, avoid social gatherings and may even feel ashamed

about how you look.

In the past, the only option to resolve gaps in a smile was with either a fitted bridge or with dentures. However, as many people who have dentures and fitted bridges are aware, dentures can rub against the gums, causing sore spots and inflammation. Similarly, fitted bridges may come loose, and can also damage the neighbouring teeth that they are attached to. And, of course, many wearers of these prosthetics report a loss in bite strength.

So, what can you do if you have missing teeth? Luckily, there is an option suitable for most people that restores the strength of your bite, without causing rubbing or soreness, oral implants!

At Campbell Dental Practice, our team is proud to be able to offer suitable patients dental implants in Stoke-on-Trent, which alleviate the need for messy dental adhesives and prevent the development of any sore spots. They also look more natural than many older types of prosthetics; we can even colour match them to your surrounding teeth!

Could this get any better? Yes, it can! Here are five more advantages of having dental implants in Stoke-on-Trent.


One of the main advantages of having dental implants in Stoke-on-Trent is the longevity of the prosthesis.

Provided that you follow our team's aftercare advice and do not engage in unhealthy lifestyle options, such as consumption of cigarettes or excessive alcohol, your oral implants can last over 20 years! Perfect!


As mentioned briefly earlier, one of the main disadvantages of both dentures and fitted bridges is the loss of bite strength and lack of durability.

As oral implants are attached to the jawbone, they feel and act the same way that your natural teeth do. The implants themselves are made from titanium and the crowns are typically made from a metal, which has been covered with porcelain or composite to give a more natural appearance. You will be able to bite into the toughest steak without issue and, most importantly, you will be able to feel yourself biting into the steak too! Brilliant!

Bone regrowth

When we lose teeth, regardless of the cause, our jawbone recedes and can cause issues with the jawbone’s density and surrounding teeth.

An implant will support jawbone regrowth, which will support surrounding teeth and will prevent any associated tooth loss.


So this isn’t really a new fact, but one of the key advantages to oral implants is the stability they offer patients.

As they are attached to the bone, they cannot move and do not cause sore spots or ulcers.

Improved digestion

If you have gaps in your teeth, you may be unable to chew food correctly.

This can lead to secondary complications, such as indigestion or reflux. Implants will improve your chewing technique and reduce associated gastrointestinal issues.

Dental implants have no end to their benefits; why put up with gaps in your teeth when there is an excellent solution available?


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