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How dental implants in Stoke-on-Trent can save your smile

Over time our teeth take quite a battering from our daily diet, overzealous brushing and even the odd accident now and then - which can leave us with chips, cracks and gaps. This can take quite a toll on a person’s self-confidence, that’s why we would recommend you consider implants, as we can use them to help restore your natural smile.

Here’s how dental implants in Stoke-on-Trent may be exactly what you need.

What is an implant?

If you have never heard of this treatment plan then you will be surprised to hear that it is fairly simple. Patients coming in to our practice for dental implants in Stoke-on-Trent are provided with prosthetic teeth to replace any damaged and broken teeth, or to fill in gaps they may have on their gum line. This then provides them with a healthy and natural looking smile that can boost their self-confidence, as well as aid in other oral health issues such as speech problems, digestive issues or even jaw pain and gingivitis.

How will my dentist fit them?

The actual fitting process is fairly straightforward and depending on the amount of work that’s required, we may insert one new tooth or a couple in the form of a bridge insert. The new implants are usually comprised of either porcelain or ceramic and we hold them in place with a titanium screw that we sterilise beforehand, to ensure that it is totally free from any bacteria.

The screw is then inserted below your gum line and into your jawbone, then over time the bone should heal back over the screw to provide a stable platform for the new tooth to rest on. The new insert is also shaded and shaped before insertion, to give you a natural looking and neat replacement to the original that was removed or replaced.

Is it painful?

One of the most common questions our patients have for us before coming in for this treatment is whether it is going to be painful. Because it involves some minor surgery there may be some mild discomfort, but at Campbell Dental Practice our talented team will strive to minimise any discomfort using a local anaesthetic as you receive your shiny new implant.

If you’re still concerned about having any pain you may be able to discuss the use of a general anaesthetic with your dentist during your appointment. However the use of this will depend on their professional opinion, as sedatives can have different effects on different patients, as well as the fact that other underlying health conditions would have to be taken into consideration .

Caring for your new tooth

Keeping your implant clean and infection free is vitally important. We recommend you give it a light brushing during the healing stage of your treatment and avoid using mouthwash or pulling too deep against it with dental floss, as you may irritate your gums or damage the implant.

These are just a few helpful facts provided about the implantation process. So, if you’re interested in filling any gaps in your smile or replacing any cracked or damaged teeth, then why not have a chat with our team at the practice?


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