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Why do I need dental implants in Stoke on Trent?

If you have lost a tooth, we understand that it can be devastating. It can seriously impact your self-confidence as well as your overall health and wellbeing. As your oral health declines, your nutrition potentially suffers too. So by replacing that missing tooth as quickly as possible with dental implants in Stoke on Trent, you are doing yourself a great service. You will be able to reduce the impacts that stress your body and move on with your life in a confident manner.

This is because dental implants in Stoke on Trent is the only treatment that replaces your actual tooth root in a sense, allowing your body to react as if your tooth has really been replaced. Dentures and bridges only sit on the top of your gums and cannot stimulate your jaw bone in the way that natural teeth can.

Over time, your jaw bone will begin to naturally recede as it understands that it is no longer needed as it once was. This can lead to premature aging amongst other complications as your jaw bone is weaker and not as dense as it should be.

If you need to replace a tooth or several missing teeth, then consider dental implants in Stoke on Trent. You will enjoy a whole host of benefits as well as the confidence that comes with not having to worry about slipping dentures or false teeth.

How does this treatment work? What does the procedure look like?

It all begins with a detailed consultation where your dentist will take many different scans and photographs of the condition of your teeth and your jaw. We need to determine whether your jaw bone is strong enough to hold the implant or if we need to consider some prior treatment in order to ensure that your jawbone can support the rod.

If everything is in order and your overall health is considered appropriate, then we can continue on with the process. You will undergo a minor surgical procedure so that we can place a titanium rod directly into your jawbone. We use a special software system to determine the precise location of the implant to increase the success likelihood as well as reduce the healing time and allow you to experience maximum comfort.

We use a titanium metal as this has been proven to bond with your natural bone over time. This allows your impact to last for several decades, a lifelong benefit for most and something that you may not have to worry about again, until other teeth begin to naturally deteriorate with age at least and other options become available to you.

You may have a crown fitted on during this initial procedure or you may have one fitted after healing is completed. The crown will be designed just for you and will match your other teeth in shape, size and colour for maximum comfort and functionality.

It may take several months to determine whether the treatment was a success and the implant has bonded with your bone. Rest assured about 98% of treatments are deemed successful, making it a favourite amongst dentists and patients alike.


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