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Think oral implants aren't beneficial?Five advantages they have over dentures by Campbell Dental

When you have missing teeth, your confidence and sociability can really take a hit.

Regardless of your age, when you lose teeth, it can be hard to feel secure, especially when eating foods like corn on the cob!

Of course, with advancements in modern dentistry, missing teeth can be resolved fairly easily, but many dental patients prefer to try to fill the gaps with dentures or bridges. Due to miscommunications about more modern dental techniques, many patients refuse to seek treatment that is more permanent than dentures and more natural looking too.

However, there are some benefits that more modern restorative dentistry, like oral implants, can offer over dentures.

At Campbell Dental practice, we have helped many of our patients regain their smiles with the help of dental implants in Stoke-on-Trent and can advise you on the best option to fill in that pesky gap.

But what are the benefits of choosing dental implants in Stoke-on-Trent over dentures? Read on to find out!

Longer lasting

Dentures are renowned for being long lasting, but as they are moved in and out of your mouth so often, they are more likely to become damaged; being dropped or sat on are two of the most common ways to break a set of dentures!

Though dental implants in Stoke-on-Trent may seem more expensive to begin with, due to their sturdiness and immovability, maintenance costs are lower and, properly maintained, your new set of oral implants can last up to forty years!


OK, so we know that oral implants may sound scary; after all, stories of jawbones being drilled into very rarely sounds good.

At Campbell Dental, we have been told by our patients who have had implants fitted that the discomfort post fitting is no worse than an extraction. Long term, implants do not rub against the gum line and cause sores in the same way that dentures do. So, when you choose implants, you are saving yourself from a lot of sore spots in the long run!

Better diet

If you wear dentures, you will know first hand how restrictive they can feel in relation to diet; healthy foods like raw fruits and vegetables are hard to eat unless they are cut up.

With implants, the strength of your bite is restored and you will be able to bite into any food happily, from a crunchy red apple to an ear of buttery corn on the cob!

Improved oral hygiene

As mentioned earlier, dentures often lead to sore spots in the mouth and can even cause ulcers. With oral implants, those irritating gaps in your mouth are closed off to bacteria, and you will have improved oral health.

Natural appearance

Many patients worry that oral implants will look fake.

However, our team can match them to any surrounding natural teeth in size, shape, and colour, so there will be no second-guessing from friends and family; they will look natural!

Want to know more about the benefits of oral implants? Call our friendly team today!


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